La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

Das Rheingold

Richard Wagner

At the bottom of the Rhine, magical gold gleams. When the Rhinemaidens who watch over it mockingly reject the advances of the Nibelung Alberich, the dwarf cheats them not only out of their treasure but also out of its secret: whoever forges a ring from the gold and renounces love will rule the world. Alberich does not hesitate, but his omnipotence is short-lived. After all, Wotan, King of the Gods, has also set his sights on the gold...

Around this production

Der Ring des Nibelungen
Ein Bühnenfestspiel für drei Tage und einen Vorabend
Vorabend: Das Rheingold
Text und Musik: Richard Wagner
Wold premiere Festspielhaus, Bayreuth, 13.8.1876

Conductor Alain Altinoglu
Director, Set, Costume & Lighting Designer Romeo Castelluci

Dramaturge Christian Longchamp
Artistic Collaborator Mximenja Lehmann
Set Design Collaborator Paola Villani
Costume Design Collaborator Clara Rosina Straßer
Lighting Collaborator Benedikt Zehm
Choreography Cindy Van Acker

Wotan Gábor Bretz
Donner Andrew Foster-Williams
Froh Julian Hubbard
Loge Nicky Spence
Fricka Marie-Nicole Lemieux (appears courtesy of Erato/Warner Classics)
Freia Anett Fritsch
Erda Nora Gubisch
Alberich Scott Hendricks
Mime Peter Hoare
Fasolt Ante Jerkunica
Fafner Wilhelm Schwinghammer
Woglinde Eleonore Marguerre
Wellgunde Jelena Kordić
Flosshilde Christel Loetzsch

La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra

Production LA MONNAIE
Coproduction GRAN TEATRO DEL LICEU (Barcelona)

In co-production with Shelter Prod and Prospero MM Productions, with the support of and ING
With the support of the Belgian Federal Government's Tax Shelter

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