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Trilogia Mozart Da Ponte

Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte & Don Giovanni in one single opera project!

La Monnaie takes up the challenge to stage the three operas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte together in the form of a trilogy.

While each of these masterpieces is an autonomous entity that can be viewed independently of the others, the directors Clarac-Delœuil > le lab and conductor Antonello Manacorda have reimagined and conceived them jointly as the three parts of the same story, presenting a large number of interlinked characters and plots.

All the events, for instance, happen on the same day and inside the same apartment building in which the characters live and act. The successive focus on the teaming life of this building gradually reveal Le nozze di Figaro, Così fan tutte, and Don Giovanni as a fictional series, a family saga.

The audience is invited to dive into the tumultuous life of this place, to go with the flow on this ‘mad day’ and, like an investigator, to assemble the different pieces that make up this vast Mozartian jigsaw puzzle.

A new perspective that will reveal fresh meanings and confront the spectators with topical questions. What does being a man or a woman mean in today’s society? Are we heading towards more egalitarian views on romantic and sexual relations? What limits do we place on desire? What does it mean being a couple today?



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