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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

First Tenor

19 september 2024

Last day of registration: AUGUST 16, 2024
Applications will be accepted only if your file is COMPLETE (online application form + CV + link to your personal video recording). Uncomplete files will be rejected.

The jury will make a pre-selection based on the video recording you sent us.
We will confirm after August 23rd, 2024 if you are invited to the audition or not.

  • Make sure the video has a good sound quality and is not older than one year.
  • You need to sing a lyrical aria
  • No recordings in churches, they have too much reverb.
  • If you have a recording from an opera, make sure to indicate which part you sing and the timing of your entrance on stage.

The audition will take place at la Monnaie, Place de la Monnaie, 5 – 1000 Brussels / 7th floor – Salle des chœurs.

The audition starts at 10.00 am. Please reserve the entire day. The schedule with call times will be communicated one week in advance.

Please inform us if you cannot attend your scheduled audition before the start of the audition. If you don’t inform us, we reserve the right to refuse your participation at any future audition.

Remuneration: gross salary/month: min 3,498.56 EUR - max 3,986.03 EUR (in function of the relevant experience) + meal vouchers + 4% ancillary rights.

La Monnaie does not pay for travel and accommodation expenses, even when the audition has been rescheduled or cancelled.

Please wait until you are selected to purchase travel tickets.