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Andrea Breth at La Monnaie

A video portrait

For her legendary, often visceral stagings over the last four decades, she has scaled all heights and plumbed all depths of the human soul. This has earned her cult status and recognition as one of the all-time greats of German theatre. Since the start of the new millennium, she has concentrated on channelling her sense of uncompromising beauty into opera. Discover Andrea Breth and her productions at La Monnaie.

Kát'a Kabanová (Leoš Janáček) - 2010
La traviata (Giuseppe Verdi) - 2012
Jakob Lenz (Wolfgang Rihm) - 2015
Il prigioniero & Das Gehege (Luigi Dallapiccola, Wolfgang Rihm) - 2018
The Turn of the Screw (Benjamin Britten) - 2021

Interview: Klaus Bertisch
Video: Simon van Rompay