MM Tickets will be closed from 6 July until 12 August, but during this period tickets and subscriptions can still be booked online.
La Monnaie wishes you a pleasant summer! 

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Tax Shelter

Supporting La Monnaie’s productions with a return on investment

Since February 2017, the Belgian legislation has extended the application of the Tax Shelter, initially developed for audiovisual productions, to the performing arts. From now on, qualified companies can also support the production of one or more La Monnaie operas through the Tax Shelter. This financially highly advantageous product costs you nothing, as it replaces the payment of part of your corporation tax, while offering you a return on investment between 9.9% and 17%.

In June 2018, to implement this new form of financial support and accompany interested investors in all safety, La Monnaie chose for, powered by ING. It allows you to contribute to the financing of an ambitious artistic policy in favor of new productions and creations.


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