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Support La Monnaie! Your new or increased gift makes all the difference for our opera house.

With a small or large donation you help us to fulfil our artistic ambitions and our social and educational commitment. We sincerely thank you for this.

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Your support enables us to:

  • Offer a season of the highest artistic quality
  • Make the opera house a place that is open to people of all generations and from all sociocultural backgrounds, thanks to our accessible prices, educational projects, and programmes developed for and with vulnerable people
  • Fund new productions and world premieres
  • Offer opportunities to the opera talent of tomorrow
  • Protect the unique craft expertise of our Workshops
  • Participate in building the reputation of the Belgian cultural scene
  • Develop our ambitious policy of streaming all our productions on the Internet for free 
  • Establish a policy of ecological responsibility and sustainable development

    Our sincerest thanks to everyone who made the above projects possible with their donations.


Every donation to La Monnaie of €40 or more is tax-deductible up to 45% of its amount (to a limit of 10% of total net income).

For example:

  • A €40 donation to La Monnaie will only cost you €22.
  • A €100 donation to La Monnaie will only cost you €55.

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