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Hugo Segers

MM Friends

As a member of MM Friends or MM Friends Gold, you get to know more, see more, and discover more at La Monnaie. The perfect way to enrich your opera experience.


Applying for or renewing your membership can be done easily via this link:



Like our subscribers and MM Maecenas members, you enjoy the following basic benefits:

  • Priority booking
  • 25% discount on concerts and Vocalissimo
  • Invitation to the new season presentation by General Director Peter de Caluwe
SPECIFIc ADvantages

As a Friend you want to know more, see more and discover more. Preferably in the company of other opera lovers, and sometimes even outside the walls of La Monnaie. You can do so through these exclusive benefits:

  • Invitation to the following pre-dress rehearsals
    • Cassandra: Wednesday 6.9.23 (18:00)
    • Giuseppe Verdi: Nostalgia ​​​​​​​e Rivoluzione: Friday 15.3.24 (14:00) and Saturday 16.3.24 (14:00)
    • Ali: Thursday 18.4.24 (14:00 - KVS)
    • Turandot: Tuesday 11.6.24 (14:00)
      (Dates and hours subject to change)
  • Paid access (reduced rate) to an opera of the Opéra Royal de Wallonie and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen.
  • Paid access to participate in 1 cultural day trip (performance, transport, meal)
  • Discounts on all La Monnaie events (guided tours, meetings, theme days, etc.)

Does your commitment or interest go further? As a Friend Gold, your range of benefits is even wider.

  • Invitation to all pre-dress rehearsals
    • Cassandra: Wednesday 6.9.23 (18:00)
    • Das Rheingold: Friday 20.10.23 (14:00)
    • The Tale of Tsar Saltan: Friday 1.12.23 (14:00)
    • Giuseppe Verdi: Nostalgia ​​​​​​​e Rivoluzione: Friday 15.3.24 (14:00) and Saturday 16.3.24 (14:00)
    • Ali: Thursday 18.4.24 (14:00 - KVS)
    • The Turn of the Screw: Saturday 27.4.24 (14:00)
    • Turandot: Tuesday 11.6.24 (14:00)
  • Privileged access to an international trip to a renowned opera house or festival.

As a Friend Gold, do you also have a season subscription? Then you enjoy these exclusive benefits on top of the previous.

  • Invitations to premiere drinks, in the presence of the artists (if you have a premiere subscription)
  • Free programme booklets
  • Use of the VIP cloakroom
How much does a membership MM FRIEND COST?
SEPT 2023 - JUNE 2024 € 700 € 90

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