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La Monnaie wishes you a pleasant summer! 

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The Main Auditorium of La Monnaie is a fine example of European theatre architecture. It offers not only excellent acoustics but also a resplendent setting for our productions. However, historic and protected heritage has its downsides. Centuries ago, architects didn’t think about wheelchair access and their designs leave little room for adaptation. Nevertheless, we try to ensure that wheelchair users today can enjoy our productions to the fullest.

Practical Information

For all our productions in the Main Auditorium, we have two platforms, each of which can accommodate two standard wheelchairs. The platforms are located at the back of the parterre. From here, the surtitle screens are usually unreadable, except when installed next to the side balconies.

A ticket for a wheelchair space costs €30. Tickets can only be purchased through MM Tickets. When booking a space, please specify the size of your wheelchair and whether you will need special assistance.

For safety reasons, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs in the aisles of our theatre. It is therefore not possible to leave your wheelchair and take a regular seat.

Wheelchair spaces extra muros

If you wish to book a wheelchair space for one of our productions extra muros, please contact us through MM Tickets. We will be happy to look into the possibilities for you.

Assistance dog

If you are coming to a performance with an assistance dog, please inform us in advance at

Transportation of people with disabilities

You can request special permission to be dropped off at the entrance of our theatre by car or taxi. More information at


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