La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT
© Pieter Claes

Our values

La Monnaie aims to be a warm and open house. In the development of our corporate culture and in the realisation of our performances, we are guided by the following core values:

Openness: La Monnaie strives for transparency and wishes to establish a climate of trust among its teams. It welcomes everyone without discrimination. Everyone shares their expertise and the relevant information they need to do their work well.

Commitment: La Monnaie encourages ongoing training for its staff. La Monnaie supports interdisciplinary collaboration across its various departments in order to improve, continuously and constructively, the work environment for all members of staff.  

Respect: La Monnaie does not tolerate disrespectful behaviour nor any form of violence or harassment. In the course of their work, members of staff are encouraged to behave in a responsible and benevolent manner, and with due respect for others and the institution. 

Innovation: As a house of creations, La Monnaie welcomes new ideas, not only in artistic terms, but also in the search for new methods to achieve its objectives effectively. To this end, training courses and work groups are organized for all members of staff.

Excellence: La Monnaie is committed to continuous development and improvement. As an institution, La Monnaie strives for excellence and encourages risk-taking, responsibility and initiative among its staff members.