ATTENTION! The announced SNCB-NMBS strike will severely disrupt train traffic from December 5 (10 p.m.) to December 7 (10 p.m.). We ask you to take this into account if you are attending one of our performances in the coming days and to prepare your route to and from La Monnaie well. La Monnaie cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience and, consequently, it will not be possible to exchange or refund your tickets.

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La Monnaie musicians rehearse at home

A fragment from Tchaikovsky’s ‘Souvenir de Florence’

For weeks our musicians have had to practice from the safety of their own home, but now they are finally able to return to La Monnaie. For the first Concert-E-no, Saténik Khourdoïan (violin), Noémi Tiercet (violin), Yves Cortvrint (viola), Dominique Lardin (viola), Sébastien Walnier (cello) and Corinna Lardin (cello) perform Tchaikovsky’s string sextet Souvenir de Florence. In this video you can get a sneak preview into how they rehearsed the piece remotely. The result can be heard this friday at 12:30.

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