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Meanwhile in the scenery workshops

A photo report

Even during a pseudo-lockdown and in the wake of a whole series of cancellations, the upholsterers, carpenters, sculptors, painters, and other artists in our Workshops remain undaunted. And that tenacity is really needed – for, paradoxical as it might seem, there have never been so many productions on the stocks at the same time. Right now, work is going ahead – COVID-securely – on scenery for no fewer than seven operas.

It is still anybody’s guess when the results of all this hard work will be visible on our stage, but it is clear already that La Monnaie and our co-production partners will be ready to get off to a flying start once the dark clouds clear.


That is certainly the case in the Painters’ Workshop, where – square by square – an impressive and menacing blanket of clouds, which will be seen in our production of Henry VIII, is being created.


The sculpture workshop, too, has its hands full, preparing for a grand opera by Camille Saint-Saëns. Right now, a colonnade for one of the facades is taking shape there.


The upholsterers, for their part, have just put the finishing touches to the upholstery for fifteen chairs for the set for Der Rosenkavalier. People are waiting for those pieces of furniture in Vilnius, where our co-production partner has programmed the opera for 2021.


The furniture for this postponed Strauss production is being painted now.

Detailed tests are also being carried out in the Workshops for new projects that are scheduled for the 2021–22 season. In times when your craving for opera has to go unsatisfied, we are delighted to at least offer you a peep behind the scenes. This car door is made of concrete: all going well, it will figure in our end-of-year production in December 2021.

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