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Who wrote Mozart’s Requiem?

Pieter Bergé


A musicological whodunit

Mozart’s Requiem may be an iconic repertoire work, but its composition is shrouded in mystery. Who commissioned it and why? Why was an anonymous messenger involved? What role did Antonio Salieri play? How have writers and other artists since dealt with all these dubious rumours and half-truths?

Professor of musicology Pieter Bergé, author of the book Wie schreef het Requiem van Mozart? (Who wrote Mozart’s Requiem?) talks to dramaturge Reinder Pols and guides the audience through the making of this mass for the dead. At the same time, it is a stimulating introduction to Romeo Castellucci’s and Raphaël Pichon’s production.

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Discussion in Dutch, without simultaneous translation.   

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  • Thu 05 May 2022




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