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Inside the Music
Das Rheingold


An exceptional opera calls for an exceptional introduction. During this musical lecture, Music Director Alain Altinoglu himself will guide you through the prologue of Der Ring des Nibelungen. Das Rheingold already contains, both musically and thematically, all that the tetralogy has to offer. How does Wagner ensure the unity of the drama across his ingenious, ever-changing and therefore ambiguous leitmotifs? What innovative role does he reserve for the orchestra? How does a conductor deal with the eighteen anvils prescribed in the Nibelheim scene?

Alain Altinoglu will answer these questions and more during a unique 'Inside the Music' session in our Fiocco Hall. With his usual passion, he will lift the veil on this monumental score through an accessible analysis and musical examples he himself will perform on the piano.

A reception will conclude the event.

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Fiocco Room (La Monnaie Workshops)


€4 for members of Young Opera, MM Friends and MM Maecenas

Including a drink after the encounter

Running time

Duration: one to one and a half hours


In French (with simultaneous interpretation offered in Dutch)

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Dates & tickets