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Inside the Music
The Turn of the Screw


Inside the Music is a series of musical lectures where you can learn all about the works on our programme. And with The Turn of the Screw, there is quite a lot to tell!

How does the ingenious twelve-tone theme of the 'Screw' and its many variations work throughout the opera? What hidden links does the music suggest between certain characters? And what remarkable role does Benjamin Britten reserve for innocent children's songs like ‘Lavender's Blue’, ‘Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son’ and the sublime ‘Malo’?

During this accessible musical lecture, Britten expert Richard Peirson decodes a score that is as tightly structured as it is ambiguous, with examples he performs live at the piano. This convivial encounter concludes with a free reception.

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Grand Foyer of La Monnaie


€4 for members of Young Opera, MM Friends and MM Maecenas

Including a drink after the encounter

Running time

Duration: one to one and a half hours


Richard Peirson


In English

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Dates & tickets

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