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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT
Steve Reich

Super Saturday
Steve Reich


Experience a musical discovery day for the whole family

In the first of our new Super Saturdays series, we take the whole family inside the world of the composer Steve Reich in the course of a weekend celebrating the 80th birthday of the king of minimal music. Via a whole range of activities and opportunities to listen and watch, taking place in different spaces, which you can visit when you feel like doing so, you can experience how the composer created his unusual sound world. Later the same day, you can discover more of Reich’s music during the Nuit Blanche or opt to attend one of the performances of the dance production Rain. You might well find yourself enthusiastic enough to do both!

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Dates & tickets


Fiocco Room (La Monnaie Workshops)


- Workshop: 10 € per participant
- Workshop & performance of Rain: 100 € (price for 4 persons, max. 2 adults, cat 2 & cat 3)

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Age limit

for ages 8 and up

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Dates & tickets