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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT


Production: La Monnaie

No one flees for fun. Ali is 12 years old when he leaves Somalia. He travels the dangerous road from the Horn of Africa to the heart of Europe. Along the way, friendships are made despite the hardships and hope is found amidst the horror. Ali has to cross several countries, a desert and the Mediterranean along with hundreds of migrants seeking a better future. He arrives at the Brussels South railway station in 2019, alone, without knowing a word of French or Dutch. He is 14 years old …  

This incredible epic is the true story of Ali Abdi Omar, adapted for the opera in collaboration with Ali himself. This moving creation reconstructs all the stages of his journey. A sensory experience where electronic music, voice, string and wind instruments, percussion and dance pay a vibrant tribute to the resilience of a young boy forced, like so many others, to leave his family and home in order to survive. 


Artistic Concept & Director


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