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Children’s and Youth Choirs of La Monnaie

La Monnaie wishes to ensure the future of our Belgian vocal heritage, while also supporting young singers in the development of their voice and their singing career.

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The previously separated choirs La Maîtrise and La Choraline were merged into one new chorus: The Children’s and Youth Choirs of La Monnaie, led by choir master Benoît Giaux. This chorus welcomes boys and girls, aged 10 to 18. The Children’s and Youth Choir, participates in our concerts and operas or in any other production at La Monnaie, but there’s also a specific programming just for them.

Currently, about 20% of our young choristers decides to pursue their artistic career in post-secondary music education. This goes to show that our Children’s and Youth Choir – together with the existing educational offer at our country’s secondary schools for the arts – is an important stepping stone to continued music education and a professional career. However, we still aim to raise this percentage. We have improved our guidance for young male singers, in the crucial phase after their voice breaks. Mentored by three vocal coaches, they will be able to continue singing in our choir.

We are actively looking for girls and boys, aged 10 to 18, who would like to sing in our productions, and specifically boys between the ages of 14 and 18 who have already experienced the breaking of their voice. Young singers are counseled in both French and Dutch, but even German or English speaking singers will be able to participate without a language barrier.

Isabelle Van In: 0472/654.351
Inès Villa: 0474/233.984