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Your advantages as an under 30 visitor

You can enjoy various concessions! You can attend to every one of our opera's starting at € 10 and depending on the category and formula, season tickets are available with a discount up to 60%. 

Individual tickets
  • Opera: CAT A, B, C, D - € 50 / CAT E, F - € 20 / CAT G - € 10
  • Concert and recital: CAT A, B - € 25 / CAT 3,C, D - € 10
Season ticket for people under 30

Depending on the category and formula, season tickets are available with a discount up to 60%.

Discover all our season tickets

This season, with these special youth events, we invite you to come and discover up to five of our operas. Experience a dress rehearsal or a regular performance and journey from Russian romanticism through Viennese comedy to French grand opera. One constant: each will start with a personal introduction! 

Discover our 5 operas for -30

14, rue des Princes – 1000 Brussels
T   +32 (0)2 229 12 11

Open from Tuesday until Friday, 12am to 6pm. Saturdays from 11am to 6pm. And one hour before each performance in the Entrance Hall.

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