La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

Is this the End? #2

In 5 teaser trailers

Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski & videographer Jose Huedo
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In the run-up to the world premiere of Is this the End?#2, director Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski and videographer Jose Huedo also produced 5 interludes: intriguing teaser trailers that immerse you in the poetic universe of this new creation.

Interlude 1

Trapped between eternal rest and unending restlessness, a woman finds herself haunting our corridors.

Interlude 2

Her heart is what keeps her going, yet it is also what keeps her from leaving. Follow ‘the Woman’ to the deepest dungeons of La Monnaie.

Interlude 3

Jean-Luc Fafchamps’ Is this the End? #2 feels like a maze where every turn leads to more riddles, every answer to more doubt.

Interlude 4

Will these lost souls meet in the light, or will the freezing void devour them? Find out as Is this the End? #2 spills its secrets.

Interlude 5

‘The Woman’ is ready to wade into the monsters’ carnival