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Benjamin Attahir

J’ai entendu le murmure d’une voix qui se cherche...— Alladine and Palomides (Act V)

What could be more fascinating than listening to a composer talk about his music! On Sunday September 29th, just a few hours before the curtain goes up on Le Silence des ombres, Benjamin Attahir will talk in some detail about the score of his first large-scale scenic opera, during a lecture led by dramaturge Marie Mergeay and with musical accompaniment by pianist Jorge Gimenez.

How did he capture the musicality of Maeterlinck’s language in notes? What was the real reason for his choice of certain instruments? Where do you begin when it comes to writing an opera? And how do you set about conducting it in such a way that it comes to life?

Equipped with all the answers to these questions and more, you are sure to experience the performance in a whole new light.

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