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Inside the Music
On Purge bébé !


Inside the Music is a series of musical lectures where you will learn all about the operas on our programme. For the world premiere of On purge bébé !, we welcome composer Benoît Mernier and conductor Bassem Akiki. The former took on the artistically and emotionally demanding task of finishing the last score of his mentor and friend Philippe Boesmans, the latter will soon bring it to musical life. Together, they offer you an accessible analysis of the score, with live musical excerpts. The lecture will be followed by a convivial reception.

Dates & tickets


Grand Foyer of La Monnaie


€5 (Including a drink after the encounter)
Free for young people (-30), MM Friends and MM Maecenas


Speakers: Benoît Mernier and Bassem Akiki

Running time

Duration: one to one and a half hours


In French

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Dates & tickets