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Inside the Music Turandot


For the last time this season, ‘Inside the Music’ invites you to immerse yourself completely in the score of a La Monnaie opera. With Turandot, we put the spotlight on Puccini’s final opus, which, in addition to world-famous hits and massive choral pieces, also has many more subtle pages. 

What are the main musical motifs in this huge fresco with its high spectacle value and many characters? Is the orientalism of the work pure Western fantasy or the fruit of sincere musicological research? How does Puccini reconcile the melodic generosity of arias like “Nessun dorma” with the radical modernism of his time?

Through an accessible musical analysis, musician, journalist and musicologist Chantal Cazaux deciphers the many facets of Turandot, while Ugo Mahieux performs the relevant excerpts live at the piano. The event will conclude with a free reception.

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Grand Foyer of La Monnaie


€4 for members of Young Opera, MM Friends and MM Maecenas

Including a drink after the encounter

Running time

Duration: one to one and a half hours


Speaker: Chantal Cazaux (musicologist, musician, journalist)
Host: Jasper Croonen
Pianist: Ugo Mahieux

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Dates & tickets