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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

Green Opera House

Resulting directly from our Bilan Carbone® review, a series of actions were defined aiming to reduce our general activities carbon emissions.

Reduction of the carbon impact of our energy consumption

Gas consumption is our largest source of carbon impact. The works to renovate La Monnaie enabled us to install a centralised technical management (CTM) system for gas, to improve building insulation and establish real-time monitoring of our energy consumption. Today, new structural improvements are under way to reduce our gas consumption. We are also studying the possibilities of heat recovery.

In terms of electricity, all buildings are supplied with 100% green electricity. 

Reducing and sorting waste

In 2020, we reviewed all our sorting areas in the offices to make them more visible and homogeneous and reduce the proportion of waste from all sources. We sort the organic waste in our canteen. We have specific sorting collections for chemical, electrical and electronic waste which are taken by our partner La Poudrière.

For 2021, we are studying the possibility of reducing and sorting more of our waste by increasing the share of recycling and reuse of waste that comes from our Workshops. 

Staff travel

La Monnaie's commuting situation is exemplary. 87% of our staff travel on public transport. This situation is due to the theatre's privileged location, with  excellent public transport links, as well as an internal policy to reimburse 100% of public transport season tickets. 

In 2019, La Monnaie also renovated its staff car park by increasing the number of spaces for cyclists and providing the latter with equipment for small repairs.

In 2020, La Monnaie employees took part in the Mobility Passport scheme, a fun challenge for travelling more efficiently in Brussels.

Sustainable purchases

La Monnaie has sustainable criteria in its public tenders (printing publications, canteens, etc.). We also take part in activities and training for the Bruxelles Environnement network of sustainable buyers in order to develop our knowledge of the topic and stay informed of the market situation.

Contact : Sophie Cornet, Sustainability Manager.  +32 (0)2 210 84 41