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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT
© Adrian Stapf

Rivoluzione E Nostalgia

Based on the first operas of Giuseppe Verdi 
Production of 2023
Production La Monnaie

This ambitious, two-part production brings together musical highlights from the sixteen first operas of Giuseppe Verdi to tell a new story. We meet three friends during two key years of their lives: the protest years after May 1968 and a reunion forty years later. Separated by time but linked by their shared past, these friends take stock of what remains of the unrest, violence and idealism of their youthful years, and try to uncover the truth behind an unsolved mystery. The project unfolds over the course of two separate opera performances, Rivoluzione and Nostalgia. With compelling arias, emblematic overtures and such memorable choral parts as ‘Va, pensiero’ (Nabucco), these performances will take you to the heart of Verdi’s musical genius.

Carlo Goldstein

Script, Director, Set & Video Designer
Krystian Lada


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