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Conditions of sale

The present conditions of sale are applied automatically by law to all bookings made, to the exclusion of all other conditions and without restrictions. They are subject to change without prior notice. The confirmation of the booking by the client and the payment of tickets implies his or her full agreement with the present conditions of sale.


Ticket prices and the location of seats are available at the MM Tickets or are provided on request. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. They are validated only after our confirmation of the requested payment.

The applicable price is the MM Tickets price. Reductions are not offered directly at the MM Tickets. Possible reductions and promotions are announced in the press or via billposting. Those who intend to take advantage of them must request their application whilst booking their tickets.

There is a € 2 booking fee per order.

All validated orders make the sale final. It is then impossible to modify or cancel a purchase. The information registered by La Monnaie constitutes proof of all transactions made between La Monnaie and its clients.

La Monnaie is not bound by surcharges which may be added by intermediaries. Only the seat number and category on the ticket are considered in determining the seats.

6. Tickets may either be:
- picked up by the buyer before the performance at the MM Tickets (23 Rue Léopold, 1000 Brussels) on presentation of the confirmation email, as well as the bank card which was used to make the transaction or an ID card
- or sent up to 15 days before the date of the performance (expedition fee: € 5). If the performance is less than 15 days away, tickets must be picked up at the MM Tickets (opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 12noon to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm) up to 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance.

In the case of theft or loss, a copy may be provided at the MM Tickets up to 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance, for the price of € 3. In any case, only the holder is entitled to the seat.

Performances begin at the time indicated on the ticket. Access to the auditorium is no longer authorised once the doors have been closed. Latecomers may watch the performance on the television in the MMBar, before being taken into the auditorium during an adequate pause. If their seats have been taken by other audience members, it is impossible for us to re-establish the true seating arrangement, as we do not wish to disturb the performance.

Tickets cannot be taken back, reimbursed (in particular in the case of loss or theft), exchanged or resold. They are valid only for the performance for which they were sold. In the case of performance cancellation by us or an interruption during the first half of the performance, tickets may be exchanged for another date according to the availability of seats; in the case of an interruption during the second half of a performance, they may not be exchanged for another date or reimbursed.
Ticket holders are forbidden to use their tickets for promotional or commercial purposes, and may be subject to prosecution should they fail to comply.

Unless otherwise indicated, the total number of tickets booked per person may not exceed:
- 5 for operas (for the same performance, all categories included)
- 10 for concerts, dance performances and recitals

Our prices are given in euros, taxes included, and we shall not accept payments made in other currencies, even for the exact exchange value of these prices. Fees related to bank or post office transfers shall be covered by the client.


We shall not reserve seats without payment. Seats are guaranteed only when they have been paid for in full. Tickets are issued only on payment of the full price, including any additional fees.


Discounts can not be combined.

La Monnaie offers several reductions. The conditions and reductions are listed here


La Monnaie may not be held responsible:
- in the case of the cancellation or postponement of a performance, except in cases provided for in article 9
- for the content of the performance
- for a change in cast
- for any modification of the programme
- for a change in the time of a performance
- for a change in seating arrangements due to a modification in the layout of the auditorium

Tickets cannot be taken back or reimbursed.
Tickets will be exchanged based on availability. A fee of € 3 per ticket will be applied.
The ticket holder must conform with the rules and customs of the theatre, regardless of the performance.

We do not accept cancellations after the payment of tickets by the client. As regards performances, according to case law, there is a contractual relationship between La Monnaie, which announces a performance and indicates the price of tickets and time of the performance, and the members of the public who buy a ticket, regardless of the method of payment (cash, cheque, credit card or postal order). In these conditions, ticket holders may only claim reimbursement or dispute the contract if the theatre does not meet its obligations.

La Monnaie reserves the right to refuse access to the theatre for security reasons.


Any dispute, regardless of its nature, must be sent in writing no later than the day after the performance. Complaints made at a later date shall not be considered.

The number of tickets must be verified by the client when they are issued by our staff. Complaints made at a later date shall not be considered.

We reserve the right to make modifications in the order, length and cast of the performance. We also reserve the right to cancel a performance due to an accident or force majeur such as (and among others) bad weather, strikes, fire, water damage, illness of a performer, etc. In such cases we shall propose another date for the performance.

We accept no responsibility for damage of any type to the belongings, objects or material brought by audience members which have not been left in the rooms intended for this purpose. Audience members are responsible for any direct or indirect damage which they may cause whilst at La Monnaie.

Ticket holders are not permitted to record performances. Recordings of any type – including photography – are strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to start legal proceedings to compensate for damages.


The confidential information provided to us is for the exclusive use of La Monnaie.


The present contract for the sale of tickets is subject to Belgian law. In the case of a dispute, the courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


You bought a ticket for one of our performances? A few days prior to the event, we will send you an email with the latest information and possible changes. Afterwards, we might ask you to give your feedback on your visit. We also wish to invite you to exclusive events (meet-and-greets, lectures, presentations, screenings...) directly related to the performance for which you bought a ticket.


BE 0206.492.907


Theatre’s Entrance Hall — entrance in rue des Princes
T   +32 (0)2 229 12 11

Open from Tuesday until Friday, 12 am to 6 pm. Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm. And one hour before each performance in the Entrance Hall.

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