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Terms and Conditions of sale

These terms and conditions of sale apply ipso jure and without reservation to all bookings. They may change without notice. Confirmation of the customer’s purchase and payment for that purchase imply that he or she accepts these terms of sale absolutely and unconditionally.  


Prices and the location of seats can be checked at MM Tickets, La Monnaie’s box office, or they will be communicated on request. All prices are subject to change without notice. They are valid only once we have confirmed the requested payment.   

La Monnaie operates a system of variable ticket prices for opera performances. The price increases in line with the demand for tickets. 

The applicable prices and discounts are those of MM Tickets, La Monnaie’s box office. Those wishing to take advantage of discounts should select them themselves when booking online or request them when booking in person with MM Tickets. 

Once a request for tickets has been confirmed, the sale is definitive and irreversible. Any changes can only be made through MM Tickets and will incur a charge of €2 per ticket. Once purchased, tickets cannot be cancelled. The data recorded by La Monnaie constitute proof of all transactions carried out by La Monnaie with its customers.    

La Monnaie does not take into account any price increases that may be charged by intermediaries. When allocating seats, only the seat number and category indicated on the ticket are taken into account. 

Tickets can:
- either be collected before the performance at MM Tickets (La Monnaie theatre, entrance Rue des Princes) on presentation of the confirmation email
- or sent by email (free of charge) or by post (postage € 2) up to fifteen days before the date of the performance. After that 15-day period prior to the performance, tickets must be collected from MM Tickets (open Tuesdays to Fridays 12 - 18.00 hrs and Saturdays 11 - 18.00 hrs). This can be done up to 15 minutes before the start of the show.  

In the event of theft or loss, a duplicate ticket will be issued at MM Tickets up to 15 minutes before the start of the performance at a charge of €2 per ticket. Only those in possession of a ticket may occupy a seat in the theatre.  

The time stated on the ticket corresponds to the closing of the auditorium doors. So as not to disturb the performance, latecomers will be denied entry until an interval, should there be one. Equally, if you leave the auditorium during the performance, you may not return to your seat before an interval.  

Tickets are only valid for the performance for which they are intended. Once sold, tickets cannot be taken back, resold or refunded, not even in the event of loss or theft (for the exceptions to this see 19 below). Depending on availability, seats can be exchanged no later than twenty-four hours before the start of the performance. This incurs a charge of €2 per ticket. In the event of cancellation of the performance by La Monnaie or interruption to the show during the first half, the ticket can be exchanged without charge for another performance subject to seats being available. In the event of interruption to the performance after the first half, tickets cannot be exchanged for a performance on another date or refunded.
Nobody in possession of a ticket may use it for any promotional or commercial purpose, on penalty of possible legal action.     

Apart from expressly stated exceptions, the total number of tickets a person may book for a performance is limited to eight (for one and the same performance, irrespective of price category). However, to request a group reservation for nine people or more, go to this page.

Our prices are in euros and include all costs. We do not accept payments in other currencies, not even for the exact monetary equivalent. Any postage costs and bank charges are borne by the customer.

Our performances are open to anyone over 5 years old. Younger children may be refused entry. In this case, tickets will not be refunded.


We do not allow purchase options or provisional bookings. Seats are only guaranteed and tickets only released upon full payment of the amount due, including any additional costs.


Discounts are not cumulative.

La Monnaie offers various concessions. They are listed here along with the conditions.


La Monnaie cannot be held liable for:  
- the cancellation or postponement of a performance, with the exception of the cases stated in article 8
- the content of the performance
- cast changes
- any change to the programme
- changes to the scheduled starting and finishing times of a performance 
- changes to the allocation of seats owing to a change to the layout of the auditorium

Tickets cannot be taken back or refunded.
A change of dates for a performance is permitted, subject to the availability of tickets. Changes incur a charge of €2 per ticket.
During the performance ticket holders must comply with the rules and practices in force in the auditorium.

We do not accept cancellations once the tickets have been paid for. In terms of performances, case law regards the relationship between, on the one hand, La Monnaie, which announces a performance, sets the ticket prices and the time of the performance, and, on the other hand, a member of the public who buys a ticket, irrespective of the method of payment used (cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer) as a contract. Consequently, the customer can only request a refund or dispute the contract if the organizer of the performance fails to meet its obligations.

La Monnaie reserves the right to refuse a person access to the theatre for security reasons.  


Any dispute, of whatever kind, must be communicated in writing no later than the day after the performance. Subsequent disputes are not admissible.

The number of tickets should be checked by the customer as soon as they are made available to him or her by a member of our staff. Later complaints will not be entertained.  

La Monnaie reserves the right to make any changes whatsoever to the sequence, duration and cast of a performance. La Monnaie also reserves the right to cancel a performance that cannot take place as a result of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, for example (and this list is not exhaustive) weather conditions, strikes, fire, water damage, indisposition of a performer, etc. If circumstances allow, we may reschedule the performance.  

La Monnaie denies all responsibility for any possible damage, of whatever kind, to belongings, objects or materials that spectators bring with them and which are not deposited for safekeeping in the designated places. Spectators are responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage caused by their presence at La Monnaie.  

A ticket does not entitle the holder to record a performance. Any recording, of whatever kind, including photographs, is strictly forbidden. We reserve the right to institute proceedings to claim redress for any harm suffered.


The confidential information a customer provides us with is intended for use by La Monnaie only.


This contract governing the sale of tickets is subject to Belgian law. Any dispute will be settled by the courts in Brussels.


Ticket holders will receive an email several days before the performance providing them with all the practical details and informing them of any changes. We may send you an additional email asking for feedback about your visit to La Monnaie. We will also invite you to special events (encounters, talks, screenings, etc.) relating to the performance for which you purchased a ticket.


BE 0206.492.907


Theatre’s Entrance Hall — entrance in rue des Princes
T   +32 (0)2 229 12 11

Open from Tuesday until Friday, 12 am to 6 pm. Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm. And one hour before each performance in the Entrance Hall.