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A Bridge between two worlds

Presented with an International Opera Award

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The International Opera Awards have just been presented at the Teatr Wielki in Warsaw. La Monnaie was nominated in the Sustainability and Equal Opportunities & Impact categories.

We are happy to announce with due pride that we have won the award for Equal Opportunities & Impact for our project 'A bridge between two worlds'. La Monnaie's social programme often stays under the radar because we do not want to touch the fragility of the target groups we have been working with for several decades now. The award was presented to Mirjam Zomersztajn, who has been the heart and soul of our social mission for the past 15 years. In her acceptance speech, she paid tribute to our General and Artistic Director Peter de Caluwe and the many colleagues involved: “I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by so many willing and helping hands. Every day, I see how access to music, singing and opera has a positive impact on the lives of people in vulnerable situations. Not only does the choral singing workshops allow them to forget their worries for a very short time and indulge in the beauty of music, it also puts some people back on the right track. For instance, I will never forget how a prisoner answered the compliment of one of our choir leaders with 'I may be locked up, but you have taught me that my voice is still free'.”

This recognition obviously pleases the teams who work with ever-renewed energy for those who otherwise have few opportunities for cultural participation.

Mirjam Zomersztajn
Mirjam Zomersztajn

We are very pleased that the many efforts we make day after day in the field of sustainability caught - not for the first time, by the way - the eye of the IOA judges and we wish to warmly congratulate the winner Dutch National Opera. We would also like to mention that La Monnaie's co-founded Collectif 17h25 was also nominated in the same category. More information on our Green Opera approach can be found here. And the timeline of our sustainable approach is available on our website.

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