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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

The aria of princess Swan

Olga Kulchynska

When Tsarevich Gvidon sees a swan in the sky trying to escape from a vulture, he kills the raptor with one single arrow. His reward follows swiftly, as the surviving bird sings: "You didn't save a swan, you saved the life of a young girl. You didn’t kill a vulture, but a sinister sorcerer". This aria of the princess Swan, sung here by soprano Olga Kulchynska, is one of the most exquisite highlights of Rimsky-Korsakov's Tale of Tsar Saltan. Enjoy its spellbinding melody, virtuoso vocal line and enchanting orchestration live from December 3, when the opera returns to La Monnaie in the unforgettable staging by Dmitri Tcherniakov.