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Discover Logan Lopez Gonzalez in Malus (KVS)

On April 22 and 23, the countertenor and Laureate of our MM Academy will share the stage of our Troika partner KVS with choreographer Igor Shyshko and Alain Franco.

'An enigmatic body, the soothing voice of a contra-tenor, and an unfathomable sculpture hanging from the grid, slowly grinding time.' That is the starting point of the performance Malus, which you can attend on 22 and 23 April at the KVS. The ‘soothing voice’ belongs to Logan Lopez Gonzalez, Laureate of our MM Academy, who will share the stage with choreographer Igor Shyshko. The musical dramaturgy is in the safe hands of Alain Franco.

For more info and tickets, please visit this page.