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La Muette de Portici
Walpurgis & MM Academy


The Revolution began … in the theatre!

Portici, 1638. It’s not only the Vesuvius that is about to erupt. Masaniello watches as the son of the tyrannical Spanish viceroy first seduces and then coldly dumps his mute sister Fenella. The crafty fisherman becomes an angry fisherman: it’s time to throw off the Spanish yoke for good. Aux armes, Napolitains!

Brussels, 1830. It’s not only the fireworks in honour of King William I that are about to explode. At La Monnaie, the curtain rises on an opera in which a Neapolitan fisherman takes matters into his own hands. The mood in the auditorium soon changes from ‘bourgeois’ to ‘combat’: Aux armes, les Belges!

Nearly two centuries later, Walpurgis and the MM Academy singers dust off the libretto of this opera to introduce it to young and old in a new way. A cheerful vivisection of La muette de Portici, full of humour, acting pleasure and music. Grand opéra on a small scale!

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Fiocco Room (La Monnaie Workshops)


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Dates & tickets

Dates & Tickets


Concept, adaptation and artistic directionJUDITH VINDEVOGEL ScenographySTEF DEPOVER

Elvire MARION BAUWENS * Alphonse & MasanielloTIMOTHY VERYSER **


* MM Soloist
** MM Choir academy

CoproductionLA MONNAIE