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Auditions for the Children’s and Youth Chorus

Each year, La Monnaie organises auditions in June, as well as in September. Boys and girls age 10 and up can be admitted to the equal voice Children’s Chorus and the mixed voice Youth Chorus (for young sopranos, altos, tenors or basses).

Auditions for new members

Register now for the auditions using this form. We will contact you afterwards with a concrete proposal for an audition moment.

What is tested at the audition?

The candidate will be asked to sing two pieces of his or her choosing by heart. Applicants will also be subjected to a couple of singing exercises, intended to test their vocal, performative and rhythmical abilities. More specifically, the following criteria will be evaluated:

  • Correct intonation
  • Health of the voice
  • Rhythmical stability
  • Posture on stage
  • Motivation of the singer


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