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Discover 'Résonances' / 'Weerklanken', our new series of podcasts

© Pieter Claes

On February 4th La Monnaie is launching a new series of podcasts called Résonances (in French) / Weerklanken (in Dutch). Fascinating audio stories that introduce and provide a framework for our productions and make interesting listening even without a ticket for a performance.     

In this new podcast series, La Monnaie goes in search of the stories of its operas in the world around us. Each episode consists of an in-depth interview recorded in a noteworthy location in Brussels. And of course – how could it be otherwise? –  time is also allowed for music.   

The first episode explores Mozart’s Der Schauspieldirektor. A double conversation with two theatre directors from an empty KVS about the malaise of Corona, the need for an audience and what a good ‘Schauspieldirektor’ should do.

The first episode of Résonances / Weerklanken is now available on MMM Online and of course also on your favourite podcast app. Subscribe to our channel now and you won’t miss a single episode:

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Résonances - autour de 'Der Schauspieldirektor' by La Monnaie De Munt
Weerklanken - rond 'Der Schauspieldirektor' by La Monnaie De Munt