La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT
Cassandra Festival

Mama’s Open Mic
Wordcraft and slam poetry evening


La Monnaie hosts Belgium's most influential and heart-warming platform for word art and slam poetry. For an evening, our Main Auditorium becomes an open stage for the committed jams and slams of contemporary Cassandra's. Enjoy established names, emerging talent or... your own moment in the spotlight! 

Attendance is free, but tickets must be reserved in advance. Registrations for the Open Mic from 19:30 onwards at the registration desk.

  • Hosts: Jaspe Azabe & DJ Assia MK
  • Headliner 1: Angel Patricks Amegbe (EN)
    Angel is a writer, performing poet, and visual storyteller. She published the novel The Days of Silence as well as the poetry collection Sundance, but she is also the founder of the 'Poetry and Tea' events: a creative safe space for poetry lovers and creatives.
  • Headliner 2: Soukaïna Bennani (NL / EN)
    The literary journey of Soukaïna began in 2015 with her first contribution to the play Fi Manzili, a poetic narrative about the suffering of a Palestinian family. Since then, she has graced numerous stages, including making it to the 2016 Naft voor Woord competition finals. Moving through the artistic and cultural realm, she's a communicator, producer, and business leader.
  • Headliner 3: Cage Vrije Verzen (NL)
    A talented Dutch-speaking MC and poet representing Bxl Noordrand. With her socially conscious lyrics and infectious delivery, she effortlessly rides the waves of chill boombap beats, creating a captivating musical experience that's bound to leave you hooked.
  • Followed by an Open Mic (in every language)
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La Monnaie


20:00 > 21:30
Open Mic registration desk opens at 19:30


Free, upon reservation



This event is part of the Cassandra Festival

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