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Update: unavoidable cancellation of all of La Monnaie’s performances in November and December

© Brooke DiDonato – agence VU’

Because of the tightened restrictions designed to combat the spread of the coronavirus, La Monnaie has had to make radical changes to its programme.  

La Monnaie has been forced to cancel all productions that were to have taken place during the ongoing ban or in the weeks immediately thereafter. This is partly because we fear that the partial lockdown could be extended beyond December 13, but mainly because the government ban on preventative testing no longer allows us to work according to our own very strict production protocols. If we can no longer guarantee the health and safety of artists and employees when preparing a production, La Monnaie must bow its head.

Below you will find the complete list of productions affected by the ban:

On top of this, the dance performances Double bill and Vlaemsch, scheduled later this season, have also had to be cancelled.

We are not giving in and we certainly do not regret our decision not to take the easier option of cancelling the 2020-21 season several months ago. There is much to be said for allowing our artists and employees to go about their work so as to be able to offer the public what it is very clearly longing for. And precisely because it is impossible to overestimate the role of culture in times of adversity, we are preparing the rest of our season in good heart, albeit in an adapted form. We are working within the safety protocols we have set ourselves, which also satisfy the protocols of all the official bodies. So we have our sights set on delighting our loyal public with operas, dance, concerts, recitals and Concertini just as soon as it is once again possible to do so.