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La Monnaie in rainbow colours for Belgian Pride

© Koen Van Buggenhout

In May, Belgian Pride is bathing the Brussels-Capital Region in all the colours of the rainbow. La Monnaie wholeheartedly shares the organizers’ desire to see a more tolerant and more inclusive society and so has decked out its colonnade in the movement’s colours.

Although the corona crisis has prevented the annual Pride parade through the streets of Brussels, Belgian Pride asbl has been able to set up a number of visibility initiatives. One of the most striking is the dressing up of the Brussels public space in the colours of the rainbow flag.

La Monnaie is committed to creating an opera house that is as diverse and inclusive as possible. So as a willing partner of the, we are draping the columns of our theatre in the colours of the rainbow for a month, thereby helping Belgian Pride achieve greater visibility for the LGBTQI+ community.