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La Monnaie / De Munt LA MONNAIE / DE MUNT

Building Bridges: the most heart-warming performance of the season

© Hugo Segers

La Monnaie reserved the fifth performance of The Time of Our Singing exclusively for 200 people enrolled on our social programme ‘A bridge between two worlds’, and approximately 300 secondary-school pupils.

La Monnaie has been organizing Building Bridges performances since 2015 in a bid to give its young and more vulnerable audiences a taste of opera at a much-reduced price or even completely free of charge. This initiative is targeted specifically at those who would like to attend an opera, but do not always have the opportunity or the means to do so. 

On this occasion, we welcomed 341 pupils, or 13 classes from 8 different secondary schools, and 231 vulnerable people from various centres and organizations participating in our ‘A bridge between two worlds’ social programme, e.g. Public Centres for Social Welfare (CPASs), assisted-living centres, centres for literacy, mental health services, etc.