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Let's make Brussels the European Capital of Culture!

La Monnaie fully endorses the project Brussels2030.

Becoming the European Capital of Culture in 2030, and staying it thereafter: together with as many Brussels citizens as possible, the Brussels2030 project wants to build on this in the next decade. De Munt is happy to support this project and subscribes to this vision text:

‘To be moved, think, discover, laugh, cry, change. Art, literature, dance, film and theater together are dreaming up a shared horizon.

This season, you’re invited on this fascinating journey that holds the ambition of carrying the entire cultural sector of Brussels and civil society to make Brussels the European Capital of Culture for 2030 and beyond. May our city at last become that crossroads of creativity and a laboratory where Europe’s heart beats, where culture mirrors our diversity and reflects our humanity as well as our hope in a better future.

Starting this season, the arts, culture, research, non-profits and many others take on this challenge on stage and on the streets with a form of culture that speaks of us, transforms pain and crisis and questions the world just as it is with all the challenges we face: climate, equality, new forms of exchange and democracy, with emphasis on diversity and inclusion in order to create the kind of world we dream of for our children.

Culture is the foundation of the collective imagination. It’s a source of wonder, knowledge and emancipation. It’s about seeing culture as essential and available for all. It’s about being a city together, being beyond our differences. That is our 2030 horizon, the European Capital of Culture.’

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